Arca Natural

ARCA NATURAL  is a special stone coatings that can seep into the pores of the surface of materials such as natural stone, coral, expose brick, brick, concrete, asbestos, or cement plaster. ARCA NATURAL has good resistance to water so it can protect stone from damp, fungus, and algae. When applied, ARCA NATURAL will seep into the stone, then protects stone from water absorption and damage, but still allow the surface pores to breathe. ARCA NATURAL produces a naturally smooth surface that can highlight the natural color and texture of the stones. 


  • Water repellent & UV resistance
  • Fungus & algae resistance
  • Natural Apperance

Direction of use :

  • Ready to use, no dilution needed. For application, use brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • Clean and dry the surfaces from old paint, dirt, rust, grease oil, algae, fungus and any other contaminants, using ARCA Pembersih Lumut
  • After completely dry, apply one coat of ARCA NATURAL
  • For the rough surface, 2nd coat can be applied after the first layer sink and dry very well


Available in pack of 0,9l can


  • Theoretical coverage: 10-11m2/lt, depend on the substrate porousity

Painting Tool: Brush, Roll, Spray Gun


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