ARCA Transparent Green

ARCA TRANSPARENT GREEN is a special transparent green coating to protect and enhance the beauty of natural stones. coral, exposed brick, solid brick, concrete, asbes and cement plaster. ARCA TRANSPARENT GREEN will form a water repellent layer which has good resistance to water so it can protect stone from damp, fungus and algae, and give a smooth-gloss green look that enhance the natural texture of the stones.


  • Water repellent & UV resistance
  • Fungus & Algae Resistance
  • Transparent Green Look
  • Natural Gloss Apperance

Direction of Use :

  • Ready to use, no dilution needed. For application, use brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • Clean and dry the surfaces from old paint, dirt, rust, grease oil, algae, fungus and any other contaminants, using ARCA Pembersih Lumut
  • After completely dry, apply one coat of ARCA TRANSPARENT GREEN
  • For the rough surface, 2nd coat can be applied after the first layer sink and dry very well


Available in pack of 0,9l can


  • Theoretical coverage: 10-11m2/lt, depend on the surface porousity

Painting Tool: Brush, Roll, Spray Gun

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