SANLEX Supports Preservation of Cultural Heritage Hubdam III / Siliwangi Buildings


Bandung (10/02/2020), Sanlex manifests its concern for the preservation of heritage buildings in the City of Bandung by giving free for paints for the Hubdam III / Siliwangi Building. Approximately 1.5 tons of paint consisting of base paint and Sanlex Prodigio wall paint were received directly by the Head of Hubdam III / Siliwangi, Colonel Widodo.

Sanlex is committed to contributing to the environment and society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, one of which is providing paint assistance for the preservation of Heritage Buildings and Cultural Heritage.

Hubdam III / Siliwangi building is a cultural preservation building that is used as an office building of the Indonesian Army, namely the transportation unit for military command III / Siliwangi (Hubdam III / Siliwangi). Of course, with an age that has reached 109 years, the building requires special attention so that it stands firm and beautiful.

The Hubdam III building has a long history. During the Dutch colonial period, the building which was located at Jalan Mohammad Toha no 55 functioned as a civil service school called MOSVIA (Middelbare Opleidingsschool Voor Inlandsche Ambtenaren). The architecture of the Mosvia Building is in the style of the Indische Empijre Stijl, with its characteristics as sturdy pillars.

Middelbare Opleidingsschool voor Inlandsche Ambtenaren (MOSVIA, “sekolah menengah pendidikan pangreh praja”) di Bandung (tahun 1929)


Sanlex Prodigio is an acrylic emulsion wall paint that can be used in both interior and exterior areas. Besides being efficient because it only need 2x layers, Sanlex Prodigio also had Light-scattering Technology, which can spread light and make the surface and color of the walls look even.

We hope that by repainting using Sanlex Prodigio, the Hubdam III / Siliwangi building can be preserved, becoming a comfortable place to work as well as a tourist attraction that educating the history of Bandung.